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Download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, iPad, iPod

how to install, download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, iPad, iPods supporting iOS8, iOS7 running iPhone 6, 6 Plus,5S,5C,5, iPad

Whatspp plus is a substitute model of the watts plus and to operate the second account is oriented on the recent version of the function of watts 2.12.170 andfacilitates all android units along with the extra features.Privacy options is available, hide the probability of appearing, the likely of making the lock watts august password, the probability of distinguish between regular and collective messages, the potential of sending ninety image at one time without 10, the ability to post video size thirty MB rather than sixteen MB, the likely of pressure on the links with not saving number sender of the owner or message, the probability of making the case number 250 dependent numbers rather than 139 characters, view the media without the need of loading, counter statistics for community, the possibility of copying case, the probability to hide the date and the name when two or over copies, the likelihood of alteration the method of the program and alter the notifications and program icon and several other features.


Communication tools:

Have you been surprising where the variation hits in between whatsapp and whatsapp plus? These two are communication tools which are trending in the social network and being utilized by large number of smartphone owners. Doing a comparison between these two will assist you know the two apps. Before that you want to understand the meaning of whatsapp and whatsapp plus. The first one is mobile messaging app which helps the user to give messages to friends by using the internet. It is generally called that with this and you can only make a single account in your gadget but the latter, Whatsapp plus application creates it probable for you to get above one whatsapp messaging account. To do a comparison, just have a look at the similarities and the differences of both the apps.



Both these two apps contain numerous similarities. You can make a limitation on the friends that are permitted to see the status update. You can do calls to the friends through both of these applications. You can also share music, images or video with your friends. You can build a group for talk about on specific subjects. You can see the videos and photos which you get from the phone gallery. You can copy paste the message with these apps. You can block any unwanted person from sending you photos or any messages. With these two apps, you can send to your friend the right location where you are.


For sharing images, whatsapp+ is good. You can be able to send ninety images at one time easily. You will get colorful display screen. It creates provision for you to determine the video size. This recent app have many options, you can avail the smiley, traffic sign, letter or a twitter symbol. This app improves privacy. You can also use desired color for the establisher icon that could be love, green, Mario, blue or red. Both these apps are easy to download, to download you need an internet connection

Download whatsapp plus apk for android free latest version